Palm Vape coupon code – 10% Off Sale


The first batch of Palm vaporizers from Vapor BLUNT are available for sale here!

The Palm vape has been revamped and is currently available in 8 colors;  black, blue, green, orange, pink, red, silver, and white.

EZVAPES, who we use and recommend for all of your vaporizer needs, has them marked down from $150 down to $110 right now. We have a special coupon code we use which works like a charm to get discounts and freebies all the time.

Use coupon code 2732 and:

  • take an additional 10% off the sales price
  • get free priority shipping
  • get a free amber glass storage jar or discounted upgrade
  • get a free 2 part acrylic grinder or discounted upgrade
    (we highly recommend the 4pc Diamond Grind upgrade)

Order the Palm now and get the 5 finger discount on this steal of a deal!

New Palm Vape Vaporizer


UPDATE: The Palm Vaporizer has been released and is on sale. Go>>>

The Palm Vaporizer is the new portable vape from the makers of the awesome Vapor BLUNT. This new model is smaller and runs off of a rechargeable battery about the size of a AA battery.

Right about now you’re probably thinking “hey that already exists, and its called the Magic Flight Launch Box,” but the new Palm vape looks like it will blow the ever so popular mflb clear out of the water.

I was able to briefly get my hands on one of the Palm models and it homes a few features that will be hard to compete with.

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Palm Vaporizer Colors

The Palm vape is the new portable and rechargeable vaporizer by VaporBLUNT. Its simple design has been compared to that of the MFLB but the the Palm is boasting of some improvements that make it a much more practical vaporizer. Its body is made of a sturdy plastic which can come in an array of vibrant different colors.

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