How to Use the Palm Vape

Here are step by step directions from the official VaporBLUNT Palm user guide.

Insert the Mouthpice into the Palm Vape Body. The Palm uses the same mouthpiece as the Vapor BLUNT which comes in plastic flavorless as well as a silicone build with flavor infusion.

Finely grind and insert your material. Grinding your material is a requirement of all vaporizers as it increases the surface area for vaporization to occur and produces vapor and assures you waste no material. Be careful not to over-pack the herb trough as you can damage the thin screen.

Close the lid and insert a charged NiMH battery. Firmly press the battery in to begin the heating process.

The power indicator light will begin to glow which means power is cycling, heat is being generated, and vapor is being created.

Draw on the mouthpiece to ingest the vapor.
A slow even draw will bring in warmer thicker vapor hits while a quick draw will bring in a cooler thinner vapor pull.

Release the batter towards the end of the draw to stop the power cycle. This will stop the heating element and vapor production allowing you to clear the Palm vape without wasting any product or vapor.

Continue this cycle until materials are completely vaporized. Shift or stir material between cycles to completely use all of your product. Never stir with sharp utensils or pokers as they can damage the Palm’s screen. Thoroughly vaporized product will have a brownish color and a scent of overdone popcorn.

When you’re done with your vapor session, empty out used material and discard or save for used material projects. Clean your screen with a few brisk swiped of the included brush and clean the glass tube after every use.

3 thoughts on “How to Use the Palm Vape

  1. my light on my palm is really dim when I use it, and when the guy sold it to me he said it will be a “bright ass light.” help!!! my batteries were fully charged when I used it. and it just seems like this device is lacking power, but it has soo much potential. Is my palm the only one that is dim? Or did the guy exaggerate the light?

    • It sounds like the dude exaggerated a whole lot. I definitely wouldn’t call it a “bright ass light.” It just glows enough to let you know you’ve made the connection. As long as it’s makin vape I wouldn’t worry. If it’s not then you should look into making a warranty claim. If it is indeed broken it’s fairly easy to get a replacement.

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